Masterteam Success

On the 11th November, the Masterteam (Duncan, Greg, Sam and Jason) convened for the first round of the national competition. The first round, hosted by 7th Edinburgh, in Colinton, saw the team once again competing in a variety of rounds: general knowledge, sport, bible and BB knowledge, but also some more unusual rounds, like cat and dog breeds, and “Oor Wullie” jokes.

The competition started well, with the team scoring strongly in general, bible, and BB knowledge. The “Around the UK” round posed challenging questions, but these were answered well, and the sports round was as obscure as ever!
The team from the 65th emerged victorious with 62 points, beating off the 7th Edinburgh A team, in second place, by 16 points. The team is looking forward to the next round in Overtown, at the beginning of December.