Easter Eggs

Last year, for the first time, we collected Easter eggs for Trinity Food Bank. We are hoping that we can recreate this photo this year to allow as many people as possible to join in the Easter celebrations.


Giving this Christmas

After our big success earlier in the year with collecting Easter eggs for Holy Trinity Foodbank we stepped up our effort to collect selection boxes.  We feel passionately about doing our bit to make Christmas a special time of…

Edinburgh Castle Trip

Arise Sir Archie of Currie…

The Anchors and Juniors went to Edinburgh Castle on 5th March to learn how to become a knight in shining armour and defend their castle. After a short tour of the castle where they discovered…

Anchors Start Back

The Anchors is open to any boy in P2 or P3 and the first meeting in the new year will be on Thursday 3rd September 2015 at 6pm.  You can find out more about Anchors by watching this video:


Anchors News

Anchors Love having fun on a Thursday night!